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I am a well educated native Dane. I came to the United States from Denmark at the age of 26, now more than 20 years ago. I studied Scandinavian Language and Literature at the University of Århus, 1973-1977.

I have good general knowledge in many fields, but specialize in technical translation. I worked in the US construction industry for fifteen years, I have hands-on experience in many technical fields including using or servicing a wide variety of mechanical and electrical equipment. I am a Licensed General Building Contractor.  Translator since 1995, full time since '97.  

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 e-mail me at: lifej@mcn.org



Work done

Everything mechanical & electrical: Machinery, power tools, heavy equipment, automotive, industrial hardware, marine and farm equipment. Any construction related project.

Manuals for medical and other fine equipment. Medical records. 
Medical instrumentation accounts for about one third of my work.

Legal and business documents, including software licensing agreements.

Consumer electronics.

I have experience with translation and bilingual direction of video productions and translation of a wide variety of business documents. I will also be glad to take a look at any other project that you may have. I do not accept computer hardware and software projects at this time, except for bits which might be incidental to other equipment.

I also do some translation of Norwegian into English in the above fields.

I prefer to translate, but I also do a fair amount of editing and proofreading. I pay attention to detail and deliver my work on time. I work in an efficient, small office on a PC system.

I have used Trados Workbench a lot the last couple of years and have also recently purchased Déjàvu which I will have up and running early 2003.

It has been observed, that the quality of translation work is not so much a function of how many degrees a translator has, but how much reference material he has ready access to. I have a large and growing reference library and also use internet resources extensively for terminology and background research.

I stay in contact with Danish culture and visit Denmark for a month or so at least once every three years and spend much of my time there with research.  



Of the projects I have undertaken, instruction manuals have comprised a large part of the work.

Member: Northern California Translators Association

Published work:

"The Poet" – A short story by Sven Holm in "Two Lines 2000", a journal of translation, "Crossings". San Francisco CA. www.twolines.com

"Trados for Idiots, by an Idiot" – the only guide to Trados Workbench, that can get bewildered beginners started. A somewhat irreverent introduction. Can be found in various places on the internet. See it here.

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Mailing address: P.O. Box 1809, Laytonville, CA 95454 (You must use this address for US Mail. Call for courier deliveries.)

Telephones: Cell: 1707-489-2340 (best choice) Landline: 1707-984-8339

Hours:  Summer from 7:30 am,
Winter from 9:30 am Pacific Time.

e-mail me at: lifej@mcn.org





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