In 2002 I escaped from Oakland after 20 years and moved to Laytonville, a very small town three hours up highway 101. Itís hotter in the summer, rains more in the winter, snows occasionally and itís so green in the spring. Itís always beautiful and it is quiet. I have 5 acres here with big trees, little trees, manzanitas, and lots of open space on the southwestern face of a low hill. Garden, chickens, dog, cats. Pleasant house, workshop, guest house.

The lay of the land

Approaching the house, Dec. 2003

Looking down the driveway, Dec. 2003

House and shop, Dec. 2003

Guest house, Oct. 2004

House and well house, Dec. 2003

Pond, barn and mountains,Dec.2003

The living room, Dec. 2003

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